just wanted to wish you all happiness in the new year of 2020, and the new decade of growth and discovery.

any support i have had on this blog has been sweet, and i hope to keep making posts which are a little sweet.

this post is just a short overview of some of the directions i would like to move, firstly I wanted to let you know that starting soon-ish I will be only eating meat on the weekends, and hopefully would like to shift my diet to a plant and fungi based diet..more so than anything i would like to infuse conscioussness awareness and intentions in my food choices, whilst being open and forgiving to when the moral load is a little too heavy for my ethical capacity.

im looking forward to more refinement, more plants and more microbial engagement in food, really excited to explore processes of fermentation and the tiny comrades which give us great food! some of my food highlights this year have been succesfully growing berlotti, tomatoes and tiny radishes, attempting the same with a beautiful pumpkin which sadly bore no fruit and visiting my beautiful friends home in Rhandirmyn and seeing the village fare and healthy amount of time in her parent’s greenhouses! (pure summer joy!). this was just a quicky because im kinda hungover today, but truly had some food heaven moments

excited for more film, more photography, some podcasts and just more and more eating!!! cooking highlights have been my xmas fermented mushroom pate with lapsang souchong jelly (from the planted cookbook) amazing liguarian foccacia inspired by ssamin nosrat, another provencal bread in the form of rosemary fougaasse…

another true highlight came in the form of incredibly sad overworked and frustrated toni, i russled up some broccoli n pine nut soup for my family, and made comte shortbreads to eat alongside! speak about real conversion of energy!

a new favourite now that we are leaving the eu for sure, is the simple dish i had of a head of artichoke with mustard 2 dip in, just so pretty and tactile and nice as a way to meet strangers in a bar, this year i think i have to meet a fisherman! and look forward to telling more food stories, more emprical maybe even MORE rhetorical simultaneously heres hoping heres 2 focus sophisication and sensuality! orality and aurality only lol!



this one is for nature happy new life!!


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