Empire Bares Its Teeth

Poets are calling you and asking to reach hands far past your tounge, far down your throat, even past your heart. Plainly touch the lining of your stomach and ask what freedom is? What is the taste? What was the bite where it clicked and you knew that your open heart could be matched by … Continue reading Empire Bares Its Teeth

Happy New Decade

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st21dIMaGMs&t=232s ILL HAVE WHAT IM HAVING!   I just wanted to wish you all happiness in the new year of 2020, and the new decade of growth and discovery. any support i have had on this blog has been sweet, and i hope to keep making posts which are a little sweet. this post … Continue reading Happy New Decade

Slow Burn

Its an almost universal experience, the pressure. although my time on this earth has certainly been short, images have been hurtled at me my whole life that time is running out. that you are not ripening but spoiling, more must be done, space must be filled, time must not be wasted. Marsden Moor Fires in … Continue reading Slow Burn

Cooking Class

Stills from Reassamblage by Trinh. T Minh-Ha (1982) "Cockroach neva right before Chicken" -Jamaican Proverb The question of where this title came from made me itch a little bit. Ok yes, a favourite writer of mine Christine Baumgarthuber used this title in reference to food, and class. But does she get to monopolise such a … Continue reading Cooking Class

A problem shared may not be halved, but the cake you ate to deal with it certainly can be

Three years down the line, I didn't expect to take this turn. Despite the fact I never really was that strict of a vegan, I would love to have treats here and there, eat according to my context and experiences ( because really when one is in the middle of rural France, with minimal money … Continue reading A problem shared may not be halved, but the cake you ate to deal with it certainly can be